Darss : Kâna,the imperfect: Brahim Oulahyane

February 4, 2020 

As part of his solo exhibition "VISITE", the artist Amine El Gotaibi invites Professor Brahim Oulahyane to open the cycle of interventions "Darss" (درس).


This cycle initiated by the artist and the MCC GALLERY is part of the evolution of the exhibition VISIT and invokes the art of conversation as a medium of artistic expression: thus literature and performance literature and performance intermingle in order to melt the boundaries between the humanities and the plastic and visual visual reflection.


By calling upon writers, sportsmen, architects, engineers, musicians, etc. ;
MCC GALLERY opens up to its socio-cultural environment and offers a space for interdisciplinary interdisciplinary exchange that favors the crossing of knowledge and methods of action.


This cycle of interventions, with pedagogical and cultural character, aims at the democratization of the access to art and the enrichment of the debate around multiple domains of creation.


Kâna, the Imperfect!
For his intervention entitled "Kana, l'Imparfaite!", Oulahyane will explore the labyrinths of the Arabic language the use of the verb ''Kana'', to establish an inventory of the linguistic and imaginary and linguistic imagination that shapes our cultural behavior today.


A main question will be raised by the speaker: How to reread these composed and divided times, of our Maghrebian, African and Arab contemporaneity in the light of the daily relationships to language and to language and time?



Brahim Oulahyane (Marrakech, 1965) is a professor of Arabic language, art critic and translator. He is a member of the Union des Ecrivains du Maroc (UEM), and has to his credit several publications on literature, visual arts and translatology: La diversité culturelle au Maroc (2004) L'écriture et la perte (Dar Athaqafa, 2011); Balcons adjacentes: textes et entretiens sur la littérature (Editions Dal, Syria, 2012); La traduction et les problématiques de culturation (Doha, 2018), etc.