Amine El Gotaibi

A 2008 graduate of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan, Amine El Gotaibi is a leading figure on the Moroccan contemporary art scene. The artist summons all disciplines for his large-scale projects in space and time and uses traditional mediums such as drawing, video, painting, installation as well as mechanical engineering and travel. Today's foundation that meets the requirement of Visit to Okavango.


At the beginning of 2020, as a preamble to this project, Amine El Gotaibi, then resident at the Nirox Foundation, created the ambitious Sun(W)hole_piece of cradle 1 in South Africa, a 15.3-metre long and 4-metre-high adobe wall with a hole in it as a positive appeal against immobility. In October 2019, during the Young Congo Biennial, his monumental installation Ba moyi ya afrika (The Suns of Africa) is an original work composed of a dozen projectors - like suns that illuminate the continent. This is an extension of his reflection begun in 2016 on the notion of territories with Attorab Al Watani (National Territory): a participatory work covering all the regions of Morocco and presented in Marrakech during COP22.


The geopolitical articulation of territories allows the artist to address the universal commonality of submission as evidenced by his exhibitions: Perspective de brebis (2018), developed at the Al Maqam residence, and Perspective de séduction (2019), the result of a residency at Dar Moulay Ali, a historic palace, and former French military headquarters under the protectorate.


Generally immersive, such as La prédation ne croit pas à la mort! (2012) - shown at the inauguration of the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat in 2014, his works poetically question hegemonic powers. Thus, the Arab Spring gave birth to Arena of Submission (2014), funded by the Arab Fund for Arts and Cultures in 2012. This project attracted the attention of the Institut du Monde Arabe, which finalised its financing and exhibited it during "Le Maroc contemporain" in 2014.